Big Fence: a Photographic Portrait of Pitcairn Island


Rhiannon Adam has a kickstarter to raise funds for a photographic project about Pitcairn Island.

From the project page:

My aim is to create a comprehensive photographic record of Pitcairn island, detailing its geography, customs, people and culture. This will be the first photographic project to document Pitcairn and its people and will give a unique insight into what life is like living on the edge of the world. I will also be staging the first ever exhibition to begin in Pitcairn and tour back to the UK, forging a link between these two cultures. With the magic of instant film I can get around the fact that Pitcairn has no printing services or labs and will be able to create a body of work that is Pitcairn through and through - born in the place it shows.

In the long term, I also aim to create a book of the work, and will be creating a short run edition for Kickstarter backers as an exclusive preview. There will also be a range of outcomes including film footage, audio recordings, as well as photographs and writing. Because of the length of my stay, I'll also be able to experience a birthday on Pitcairn!


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