TinyVid runs on a small linode. Video's are stored using a combination of local disk on the linode and Amazon S3. The web application is a custom application written in the Factor programming language. It uses Factor's built in Furnace web application framework. Video transcoding is done using ffmpeg2theora. TinyVid was developed to experiment with and test HTML 5 video implementations.

You can reach TinyVid via the comments section below or email admin@tinyvid.tv.

Note that TinyVid is an experimental site. If you want to host high traffic or bandwidth media then you should contact admin@tinyvid.tv or leave details in feedback. I reserve the right to delete, move, or otherwise restrict access to any media hosted here to reduce costs.


Donations to help cover bandwidth and other costs can be made via:

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network based digital currency. Donate by sending bitcoins to the address 13AzsA9aXozM7fFmhA5EJPdawZTvBTFYgx. The total amount donated via bitcoins so far is 0 bitcoins.
The total amount donated via PayPal so far is $0.00.


Please place feedback, requests, etc in the comments below.

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