The VIDEO Element


Google Tech Talks

March 29, 2007


Video is becoming increasingly important content type, and it's time to make video a first-class citizen on the web. The element is, along with JavaScript bindings, proposed as a simple solution to encourage browsers to support video natively. Equally important is the choice of video format to be used with. I will argue that the success of the web is based on using open standards, and that video should be no exception. I will demo Opera showing Ogg Theora video clips natively.

A demonstration is available here:

Speaker:HÃ¥kon Wium Lie

Firefox 3.5: a new experiment with Canvas & Video

Open Web Video in Firefox 3.1

Open Web Video Demo #2 for Firefox 3.1

Open Web Video Demo #3 for Firefox 3.5

The VIDEO Element

Firefox video support for the N810

Firefox 3.5 Treats Videos Like Web Pages

SVG Video Demo


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